Parce que le sport est un vecteur privilégié de valeurs, la solidarité sera à l’honneur. Cette manifestation sportive sera source de revenu pour toutes les associations locales qui aident l’organisation dans le recrutement des bénévoles.

En 2018, le TPM a créé une épreuve Solidaire de 4km, ouverte à tous, coureurs ou marcheurs, en basket ou en poussette, en roller ou en trottinette, pour festoyer dans les rues de La Mure au profit d’associations caritatives locales.

En effet, le tarif d’inscription est libre, fixé par le coureur au moment de son inscription, avec un minimum de 5 €. Et 100% de ces recettes d’inscriptions seront reversées pour l’édition 2019 aux 3 associations suivantes : Rose Altitude, Jeux Rigole et Les Restaurants du Cœur (Antenne de La Mure)

Health trough sport practice

Sport practise is obviously healthy; it has been demonstrated for many years now. A sport event needs to be accessible to everyone. The Trail des Passerelles du Monteynard offers different formulas, adapted to everyone one, age and practices. Pleasure, family, and sport reunited in one day!

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Every single event have an environmental impact, trail running even though it is integrated in mountain spirit and nature has still an environmental impact. It has to get into sustainable approach therefore, we have to unite the inhabitants, the associations, the city council around the project, and help them to integrate the event. Besides, the eco responsible actions are developed in a global approach from the organization trough different department: communication, transport, water and waste management, and refreshment station decisions

What is an eco EVENT?

An eco-event is an event that is willing to reduce its environmental impacts. It has a local economy support approach and unites local partners with the public. It helps also the cultural diversity and defends the sustainability believes.

How does the event meet those EXPECTATIONS?

The organizations has defined strong objectives in order to meet those expectations. Those objectives are constructed around 3 main basis:

Environmental impact : 

  • Transport: we encourage the participant to share rides and use public transport to get to the event site.


  • Communication: we prioritize the use of internet (email, website, newsletters) and cell phone for internal communication. Regarding the external communication, we use recycled sheets of paper and work with printing service that have eco-label.
  • Reduction and sorting out the waste:  We have launched an awareness campaign for waste sorting out and have use waste containers for waste selective sorting. We have deposited cups that are offered to runners at the arrival and the refreshment stations are equipped with cardboard and not plastic cusps.



  • Water: water ramp are installed on site for almost every refreshment station, in order to reduce the use of plastic bottles.

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  • Awareness for environment respect: Several associations in relation with sustainability are present and supported by the event.

Social Actions:

– Solidarity: Charitable associations are supported by the event.

– Social cohesion: More than 200 volunteers are engaged and contribute to the event success.  Inhabitants of the villages crossed with this event are as well engaged.

Economic Support:

– Suppliers: Local suppliers and products are selected for the event in order to support the local economy.

– Partners:  We are trying to work as much as possible with local partners