The Big Race – Relay at 3

5:30 am

6 refreshments

from 100€ to 150€


3 500m d+

THE BIG RACE (3 runners Relay) – 68 km

Be careful, for the 2023 edition, the places of relay passage change compared to the previous editions. The passage between the 2nd and the 3rd relay will no longer take place in Mayres Savel but in the Signaraux.

Brief description of the 3 relay races:

  • 1st relay: La Mure – La Mine Image = 16km and 800m of elevation gain
  • 2nd relay: La Mine Image – Les Signaraux = 23km and 1 500m of elevation gain
  • 3rd relay: Les Signaraux – Treffort = 29km and 1 200m of elevation gain

For this 12th edition, the organization offers a course close to the 2022 one, of course keeping the cultural and natural wonders of local heritage, elements that have been very popular in previous editions.

The departure of the race will take part in La Mure, major town of the Matheysin plateau, then you will run on the ascent of Sénépi at dawn. You will then have the chance to discover La Pierre Plantée, to go back down to La Mine Image, the underground museum of the Mine and pass the relay to the second runner.

In the role of the second runner, you will then head for La Pierre Percée (Holed rock), one of the 7 wonders of Dauphiné region. You will then following up with the ascent of Connex to go back down to the village of Monteynard to discover its belvedere, then the Grand Balcony of the historic railway of the Petit Train de la Mure, giving you a wonderful view of the lake and the EDF Dam below you, and the Vercors Mountains!

You will then attack the ascent to the Sénépi mountain pasture via the Signaraux ski resort and its famous ski lift where you will pass the relay to the third and last runner. At the top of the Sénépi, the Everest of the TPM, the junction with the Maratrail course takes place, and you will be welcomed by the shepherd, his family and his team at the Alpage chalet!

From there, you will go down to Mayres-Savel before crossing the 2 himalayan bridges (the Drac then the Ébron) to pass from the Matheysine to the Trièves. Finally, you will enjoy superb panoramas on the lake while evolving on the slopes of Côte Rouge before the final descent on the nautical Base of Treffort where the arrival will be judged.


You can find all the details of the route of the Big Race 2023 by clicking to the link below:

The natural spaces we are working on and the people who are taking care of those lands and territories, which you will be crossing for the race, are factors we do not control 100%. Therefore, we sometimes have to make changes to our different routes, which can slightly modify the distance and/or the altitude difference. This distance and altitude difference is therefore given as an indication.


Time and departure5:30 am in La Mure on Sunday 09 July 2023
ArrivalTreffort Beach (Nautical Base)
Total distance68 km

Distance per runner

1st relay (La Mure – La Mine Image): 16km and 800m d+

2nd relay (La Mine Image – Les Signaraux): 23km and 1 500m d+

3rd relay (Les Signaraux – Treffort): 29km and 1 200m d+

Altitude3 500 m elevation gain 
Refreshment stations 
  • km 16 (La Mine Image)
  • km 28 (Monteynard)
  • km 39 (Les Signaraux)
  • km 49 (Alpage Sénépi)
  • km 55 (Mayres Savel village)
  • km 62 (Passerelle de l’Ebron)
  • Arrival

We remind you that we will not give you glasses on refreshment stations (during the race and at the finish line). You need to have your personal glass

Finish line closure
  • At the refreshment station of La Mine Image (km 16) at 8:15 am
  • At the refreshment station of Signaraux (km 39) at 1:30 pm
  • At the refreshment station of Mayres Savel village (km 55) at 5:00 pm
  • At the refreshment station of Ebron (km 62) at 6:30 pm
    At the Arrival at 8:00 pm
Collection bibs
  • Friday 07 July: in Treffort (Nautical base) from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm
  • Saturday 08 July: in Treffort (Nautical base) from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Sunday 09 July: in La Mure city council from 4:30 am to 5:15 am
REGISTRATION FEES (for the whole relay – 3 runners)
  • 100€ for the first 10 teams
  • 120€ for the next 15 teams
  • 140€ for the next 15 teams
  • 150€ on the remaining teams
Age requirementTo be born in 2003 or before
Prize giving ceremonyIn Treffort (Nautical base) at 3:00 pm
  • Mandatory equipment: 1,5L tank of water + 1 survival blanket + 1 hat + 1 waterproof jacket + 1 fully charged cellphone + 1 head torch + 1 whistle + 1 food supply  + 1 cup
  • Recommended equipment: long stockings (tights)
  • Tolerated equipment: Telescopic poles (must be folded at the departure)
ShuttleThere is no shuttle planned from the organization to bring the participants to the relay rendezvous (La Mine Image and the Signaraux).
The runners have to be autonomous to get to their respective relay meeting.