The 3rd Poste – Relay

Thuesday 9 July 2024
7:15 pm

1 refreshment

From 24€ to 28€ (by team)


17 km
800 m d+


Bus service from Grenoble in partnership with the Département de l’Isère!
See the “Practical information” section below for full details.

2017 was the 20th anniversary of the closure of the Matheysin plateau mines, for this special date the organization decided to affiliate to this event, offering to the participants a new trial that led you to those paths of this historic and local adventure.

 We therefore maintain this 2017 surprise, offering in 2024 this trail the 3rd Poste in solo and 2 relay runners. The trail leads to the 3 wells of the visible mines and a few marquing spots of this past period : 

  • The departure will take place in Prunières next to the mine well. You will then pass by the high path of La Mure, which has became a very turistic venue in 80’s, right before the closure of the mine!
  • The railway will lead you to Susville well and to the coal store where the ore was stocked before being loaded to wagons, going down the railway between 1888 and 1988. This is where the relay meeting point will take place, for those who share the distance!
  • The trail will follow up on the mountain side of Sénépi and will go along old galeries entries, overlooking at minors villages such as Le Villaret, La Centrale, Peychagnard or Crey.and also « La Centrale Pound » this power station used to run electricity with the coal waste.
  • Finally, the finish will be at the 3rd well: the Sainte Marie well at the underground museum of « La Mine Image » at La Motte-d’Aveillans


Find all the details of the route of the 3rd Poste 2024 by clicking on the link below:

The natural spaces we are working on and the people who are taking care of those lands and territories, which you will be crossing for the race, are factors we do not control 100%. Therefore, we sometimes have to make changes to our different routes, which can slightly modify the distance and/or the altitude difference. This distance and altitude difference is therefore given as an indication.

Practical information

TIME AND DEPARTURE7:15pm in Prunières (next to the mine well) on Thuesday 9 July 2024
ARRIVAL« La Mine Image » Museum, in La Motte d’Aveillans
Relay 1 : 7 km and 350 m d+
– Relay 2 : 10 km and 450 m d+
ALTITUDE800 m elevation gain

As a reminder, the personal cup is mandatory and no cups will be distributed at the refreshment stations (course or arrival).
COLLECTION BIBSSaturday, July 06: in the Môle located 200 m from the Mayres Savel beach from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Sunday, July 07: at La Mure train station from 6:00 to 8:30 am
Tuesday, July 09: at La Motte d’Aveillans (La Mine Image museum) from 4:30 pm to 6:15 pm
REGISTRATION FEES– 24€ for the first 25 teams
– 28€ for the remaining teams
AGE REQUIREMENTTo be born in 2008 or before
FINISH LINE CLOSURE– At the refreshment station in Susville (km 7,5) at 8:30 pm
– At the Col de la Festinière (km 15) at 10:30 pm
– At the arrival at 11:00 pm
EQUIPMENTMandatory equipment: 0,5L tank of water + 1 survival blanket + 1 fully charged cell phone + 1 whistle + 1 food supply + Head torch + personnal cup
Tolerated equipment: telescopic poles (must be folded at the departure)
INSTRUCTIONSNo locker service, neither in Prunières at the beginning, nor in La Motte d’Aveillans
PRIZE GIVING CEREMONYIn La Motte d’Aveillans (La Mine Image Museum) at 10:00 pm

A / Bus service: Grenoble → Prunières in partnership with the Département de l’Isère (5€/pers)
A bus service will take participants:
– Either from Grenoble city center, departing at 5:10 pm from Place Victor Hugo
– Or from Pont-de-Claix, departing at 5:30 pm from the “L’étoile” streetcar station.

This shuttle will leave directly for the start in Prunières, where you can pick up your bibs numbers before the start of the race.
The same shuttle will wait until the end of the race to depart from the finish site at La Mine Image, at around 11:00 pm towards Grenoble, with a stop in Pont-de-Claix.
For those taking part in the relay race, the same bus will drop off 2nd relay runners (Susville – La Mine Image section) directly in Susville, after passing through Prunières.

Reservations can be made online until Monday 1st July at 9:00 am. After this date, no more bookings will be possible.

B / Bus service: La Mine Image → Prunières (4€/pers)
A bus service will take participants to the start in Prunières from the La Mine Image museum, where bib collection and the finish will take place.
The bus will leave La Mine Image at 6:15 pm.

Reservations can be made online until Monday 1st July at 9:00 am. After this date, no more bookings will be possible.

C / Booking these services
These services must be booked when you register online at the rate of 4€ or 5€ per person, depending on your choice.

The organization is offering you a unique transport service to get you to your relay point. Le Petit Train de la Mure will take you from La Mine Image to La Mure. You can then walk from La Mure train station to your relay point in Susville.
It works as follows: 

6:15 pm: departure of the Petit Train from La Mine Image (finish site) to La Mure, bringing relay runner 2 (Susville – Arrival section) to his relay point in Susville. The route between La Gare de la Mure and Susville will be signposted and should be completed on foot (approx. 1.5km).
Once the race is over, runner 1 (Prunières – Susville section) will be taken to the finish at La Mine Image by bus from the relay point in Susville. This bus will depart according to capacity.

NO RESERVATION is necessary for this shuttle for relay runners. Your bib will serve as a pass to get on these shuttles.