Maratrail des passerelles

Sunday 14 July 2024
7:15 am

4 refreshments

from 50€ to 65€


42 km
2 200 m d+


The departure and arrival will take place at the lakeside of the nautical base of Treffort. Once you have run on the lakeside, you will cross 2 Himalayan footbridges (Ebron and Drac) to get you from Trièves to Matheysine then you will run up the ascent of Sénépi and discover the high mountain pasture, where a shepherd, his family and his team will welcome you! Once the downhill is done, you will cross the lively village of Mayres Savel and then you will cross 2 new footbridges to reach Trièves. From there, you will enjoy beautiful panoramic view over the lake, evolving on the mountain side of Côte Rouge before the final downhill to the beach of Treffort where you will cross the finish line.


Check out the 2024 Maratrail des passerelles trail race by clicking to the link below:

The natural spaces we are working on and the people who are taking care of those lands and territories, which you will be crossing for the race, are factors we do not control 100%. Therefore, we sometimes have to make changes to our different routes, which can slightly modify the distance and/or the altitude difference. This distance and altitude difference is therefore given as an indication.


TIME AND DEPARTUREDeparture splitted into 2 waves: 7:15 am and 7:30 am in Treffort (Nautical Base) on Sunday 14 July 2024
ARRIVALTreffort Beach (Nautical Base)
ALTITUDE2 200 m elevation gain
REFRESHMENT STATION– km 12 (Mayres Savel village)
– km 23 (Alpage Sénépi)
– km 28 (Mayres Savel village)
– km 36 (Passerelle de l’Ebron)
– Arrival

We remind you that we will not give you glasses on refreshment stations (during the race and at the finish line). You need to have your personal glass.
SUPPORTTo meet the requirements of the FFA in terms of assistance in nature races, assistance zones will be set up to allow runners to receive or give something by ONE accompanying person.
– At the Mayres-Savel refreshment station (first leg) km 12
– At the Mayres-Savel refreshment station (return) km 28
– At the refreshment station at the Passerelle de l’Ebron km 36
These zones will be marked with a “Start of assistance zone” and an “End of assistance zone” sign.
It is forbidden to receive external assistance (refreshment, lightening…) outside of these zones under penalty of disqualification.
FINISH LINE CLOSUREThe finish line closure is calculated on the Big Race rate by:
– At the refreshment station of Mayres Savel village (km 28) at 3:30 pm
– At the refreshment station of Ebron (km 36) at 5:20 pm
– At the Arrival at 6:20 pm
COLLECTION BIBS– Friday 12 July: in Treffort (Nautical base) from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm
– Saturday 13 July: in Treffort (Nautical base) from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm
– Sunday 14 July: in Treffort (Nautical Base) from 6:00 am to 7:15 am
REGISTRATION FEES– 50€ for the first 150 registrants
– 55€ for the next 150 registrants
– 60€ for the next 150 registrants
– 65€ for the remaining bibs
AGE REQUIRMENTTo be born in 2004 or before
PRIZE GIVING CEREMONYIn Treffort (Nautical base) at 2:30 pm
EQUIPMENTMandatory equipment: 1,5L tank of water + 1 survival blanket + 1 hat + 1 waterproof jacket + 1 fully charged cellphone + 1 head torch + 1 whistle + 1 food supply + 1 cup
Recommended equipment: long stockings (tights)
Tolerated equipment: Telescopic poles (must be folded at the departure)
LABELThe Maratrail is part of several labels:
– ITRA: The Maratrail will allow you 2 ITRA points.
– UTMB Qualifier: The race is part of the UTMB Qualifier 50 km category.