Accompanying staff & RACE ASSISTANCE

In order to comply with the FFA’s requirements in terms of assistance in nature races, assistance zones will be set up so that runners can receive or give something to someone accompanying them.

For the Big Race: at the La Mine Image (km 16), Monteynard (km 28), Les Signaraux (km 39), Mayres-Savel (km 55) and Passerelle de l’Ébron (km 62) refreshment stations.

On the Maratrail: at the refreshment stations at Mayres-Savel outward leg (km 11.5), Mayres-Savel return leg (km 28.5) and at the Passerelle de l’Ébron (km 35).

For the Trail de Côte Rouge: at the Monestier-de-Clermont refreshment station (km 15).

These zones will be marked with a “Start of assistance zone” sign and an “End of assistance zone” sign.

It is forbidden to receive outside help (refreshments, lightening, etc.) outside these zones, otherwise you will be disqualified.

Animations and briefing for accompanying persons

You can also find all the detailed information in the briefing for accompanying persons (french only).