Prize-giving ceremony

Prize-giving ceremony

See below for details of the prize-giving ceremonies for the Trail des Passerelles du Monteynard 2024 :

For SOLO races :

Years of birthTrail du Drac
Le Petit Train
Challenge Drac + Petit Train
Le 3e Poste
Scratch (M & W)allTop 3Top 3Top 3Top 3
Juniors (M & W)2005-2006FirstØØFirst
Espoirs (M & W)2002-2004FirstFirstØFirst
Séniors (M & W)1990-2001FirstFirstØFirst
Masters 0-1-2 (M & W)1975-1989FirstFirstØFirst
Masters 3-4-5 (M & W)1960-1974FirstFirstØFirst
Masters 6+ (M & W)1959 and earlierFirstFirstØFirst
Années de naissanceTrail de Côte Rouge
Trail de l’Ébron
La Grande Course
Scratch (M & W)allTop 3Top 3Top 3Top 3
Juniors (M & W)2005-2006ØFirstØØ
Espoirs (M & W)2002-2004FirstFirstFirstFirst
Séniors (M & W)1990-2001FirstFirstFirstFirst
Masters 0-1-2 (M & W)1975-1989FirstFirstFirstFirst
Masters 3-4-5 (M & W)1960-1974FirstFirstFirstFirst
Masters 6+ (M & W)1959 and earlierFirstFirstFirstFirst
* For the Maratrail and Grande Course races, only the overall winner (M & W) will be invited to stand on the podium. The 1st place winners (M & W) in each category will be able to pick up their prizes on race day, at the TPM Boutique in the village.

For RELAY and DUO events, the following teams will be rewarded:

  • Le Mine Express DUO
  • Le 3e Poste RELAY at 2
  • La Grande Course RELAY ay 3

➔ the top 3 Men’s / Women’s / Mixed teams

As a reminder:

  • No prizes may be accumulated.
  • Only runners present at the prize-giving ceremony will be entitled to their prizes.
  • All prizes are to be collected on site, no prizes will be sent by post.