Introduction of daily gauges

Press release – TPM 2021 – Reduction in registration gauges

Following the last press release of the CESO (Le Collectif Evénementiel Sportif OutdoorLINK HERE) and the last governmental announcements, it seems necessary to us to take precautions in order to secure the organization of the Trail des Passerelles du Monteynard 2021.

We believe that outdoor events are moving towards the introduction of daily gauges. This rule will obviously apply to the next Trail des Passerelles, and we have therefore opted for the introduction of gauges of 1500 runners per day.

This gauge also seems evident to us in order to guarantee comfort and safety for our volunteers, particularly at the refreshment stations. In fact, the establishment of a strict sanitary protocol is difficult to assure for the volunteers with a too high number of participants, as we noticed during the 2020 edition of TPM.

Consequently, the events of the 10th and 11th of July, such as the Trail de l’Ébron 16km, the Trail de Côte Rouge 25km, the Maratrail 42km and the Big Race 65km are subject to this reduction of runners.

The gauges for events on 10th and 11th of July are the following:

  • Trail de l’Ebron 16km: 650 participants (110 bibs remaining).
  • Trail de Côte Rouge 25km: 750 participants (120 bibs remaining).
  • Maratrail des Passerelles 42km: 750 participants (220 bibs remaining).
  • La Grande Course 65km: 750 participants (325 bibs remaining).

For other events: KV, Petit Train and 3e Poste, the gauges remain the same.

Depending on the evolution of the sanitary situation and the rules that will be announced concerning the restarting of the outdoor events, we will not exclude the possibility of adding extra bibs on these different courses.

Thanks for your confidence