Social Responsibility of our Event

The Trail des Passerelles du Monteynard, a committed event!

The Ministry of Sport, in collaboration with WWF France and event organisers, co-constructed in 2017 the Charter of 15 eco-responsible commitments for sports event organisers.
In 2021, as part of a continuous improvement process, the Ministry of Sport, in collaboration with WWF France, updated the charter for sports event organisers and its objectives in light of the progress made and the new eco-responsibility challenges facing French sport.

In October 2022, the Trail des Passerelles signed this charter and joined the list of signatories of the Charter of 15 eco-responsible commitments.

Our commitments:


Every single event have an environmental impact, trail running even though it is integrated in mountain spirit and nature has still an environmental impact. It has to get into sustainable approach therefore, we have to unite the inhabitants, the associations, the city council around the project, and help them to integrate the event. Besides, the eco responsible actions are developed in a global approach from the organization trough different department: communication, transport, water and waste management, and refreshment station decisions…

What is an eco-event?

An eco-event is an event that is willing to reduce its environmental impacts. It has a local economy support approach and unites local partners with the public. It helps also the cultural diversity and defends the sustainability believes.

How does the event meet those expectations?

The organizations has defined strong objectives in order to meet those expectations. These objectives are based on the following main axes:

Environmental impact:

– Transport: we encourage the participant to share rides and use public transport to get to the event site.

– Communication: we prioritize the use of internet (email, website, newsletters) and cell phone for internal communication. Regarding the external communication, we use recycled sheets of paper and work with printing service that have eco-label.

Waste sorting and reduction: a campaign to raise awareness of waste sorting and the installation of waste sorting containers will be carried out. Since 2020, each participant is asked to bring his or her own reusable cup in order to reduce the use of paper cups at the various refreshment points.

– Waterwater ramp are installed on site for almost every refreshment station, in order to reduce the use of plastic bottles.

– Local products at the refreshment stations: the refreshment stations of the TPM offer local specialities made only a few kilometres from the course: the Tomme du Trièves and the Murçon Matheysin.

– Awareness for environment respect: several associations in relation with sustainability are present and supported by the event.

– Elimination of plastic bottles: In 2022, the Trail des Passerelles du Monteynard has teamed up with the brand SodaStream to produce carbonated water and colas directly at the refreshment stations. Therefore, no plastic bottles will be used at the refreshment posts. This represents a waste limitation of 7000 bottles.

– A Made In France runner’s gift: To limit transport and greenhouse gas emissions, the Trail des Passerelles du Monteynard decided to offer gifts made in France to participants. Therefore, the 2022 gift was a pair of socks 100% Made In France. Participants of the long races were also offered a local finisher gift: a 75 cl beer brewed in Isère.

– Installation of dry toilets for the participants: no more waste of drinking water in flushing and less pollution generated for the treatment of waste.

Social action:

– Solidarity: Charitable associations are supported by the event.

– Social cohesion: More than 200 volunteers are engaged and contribute to the event success.  Inhabitants of the villages crossed with this event are as well engaged.

Economic support:

– Suppliers: Local suppliers and products are selected for the event in order to support the local economy.

– Partners:  We are trying to work as much as possible with local partners.


Because sport is a way to communicate values, solidarity will be expressed through our events. This sport event will make profit for all the local associations that help the organization-recruiting volunteers.

In 2018, the TPM has created a 4km Solidarity event, open to all, runners or walkers, in trainers or pushchairs, on rollerblades or scooters, to celebrate in the streets of La Mure for the benefit of local charities.

Indeed, the registration fee is unlimited, set by the runner at the time of registration, with a minimum of 5 €. And 100% of the registration fees will be donated to the following 3 associations for the 2019 edition: Rose Altitude, Jeux Rigole and Les Restaurants du Cœur (La Mure area).

Every year, the Trail des Passerelles du Monteynard has the pleasure to welcome associations whose goal is to make people with disabilities discover and share the passion of sport. The TPM welcomes associations such as Dunes d’Espoir and their joëlettes or Vaincre la Mucoviscidose to make them benefit from the experience.

In 2023, the Trail des Passerelles du Monteynard supports the association Ado d’Ailes. An association which answers, informs and helps on all questions related to eating disorders.


The health benefits of sport have been proven. A sporting event must be accessible to all, which is why we offer distances ranging from 13 to 68 km. The Trail des Passerelles du Monteynard therefore offers formulas adapted to all ages and all levels of practice. Pleasure, family and sport-health all in one day!